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When to refill refrigerant in your air source heat pump water heater?

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Air source water heater is also called "air source heat pump water heater". In our daily life, there are gas water heaters, electric water heaters and solar water heaters. The biggest feature of air source water heater is that hot water heating is relatively energy-saving. The consumption of electric energy is much smaller than that of electric water heater, and it can provide a continuous supply of hot water.


The principle of air source heat pump water heater is to absorb the low-temperature energy in the air, heat the low boiling point working medium (refrigerant) and make it evaporate. The refrigerant steam is compressed by the compressor, gets heated and enters the water tank to release the hot energy to the water before condensing and liquefying. After that, the refrigerant goes through the depressurizing and cooling process before returning to the outdoor heat exchanger for the next cycle. Therefore, the refrigerant is also called the blood of an air source water heater. A qualified air source water heater is usually equipped with enough refrigerant. Without leakage, there is no need to refill refrigerant.

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What would happen if the heat pump unit is short of refrigerant?

1. The discharged cooling air is unapparent.

When the air source water heater is running, a large amount of low-temperature air will be discharged. When the user feels that the temperature of the discharged air is not much different from the ambient temperature, and the cooling air is implicit, it may be caused by the lack of refrigerant in the air source heat pump water heater.


2. Water Heater Doesn't Raise Temperature.

If the refrigerant is insufficient, the heating efficiency of the air source water heater will decrease and the heating speed will slow down.


3. The Heat Pump Unit Reports Exhaust Errors

If the refrigerant is insufficient, the air source heat pump water heater will report an exhaust breakdown.


How to Judge the Lack of Refrigerant in Air Source Heat Pump?

1. After the air source water heater is turned on for a period of time, if the wind from the fan is cool, it means the water temperature rises rapidly. Under standard conditions, when the ambient temperature is 20 and the water inlet temperature is 15, the hot water temperature of a domestic air source water heater rises by 1 every 10 minutes or so, which means the unit is operating normally without the lack of refrigerant.


2. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature difference between the air inlet and the air outlet of the unit. If the difference is above 7, it is normal, generally about 7-12.


3. After starting up for more than ten minutes, if the evaporator is evenly covered with condensed water (like dew), the system is normal. If half of the evaporator is covered with condensed water and the other half is not, the water heater may be lack of fluorine, or the system may be blocked.

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