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R32 ERP A+++ 22KW EVI lav temperaturs Multifunktion DC Inverter Luftvarmepumper

1. Maks. COP:  5.81
2. Strømforsyning: 220V~240V/50Hz/1ph or 380V~420V/50Hz/3ph
3. Løbetemperatur: -25℃~45℃
4. Maks. Varmekapacitet: 22KW
5. Maks. Kølekapacitet: 20.1KW
6. Multifunktioner: varmt vand/varme/køling/varmtvand+køling/varmtvand+varme
  • CGK060V3L CGK-060V3L



This SPRSUN DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump employs R32 refrigerant gas, which improves the performance of the heat pump and lessens its environmental impact. The heat pump also has an ERP of A+++ and a COP of 5.81. The DC inverter of the heat pump uses less energy and circulates the refrigerant more effectively than other refrigerants.
The heat pump ensures user safety and quietness and uses more advanced technology. For instance, WiFi online monitoring can be used to check on its performance. With the aid of this technology, you may control the heat pump and obtain any information you require.

R32 ERP A+++ EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump


CGK060V3L CGK-060V3L
Power Supply / Refrigerant V/Hz/Ph 220-240/50/1 - R32 380-420/50/3 - R32
Max. Heating Capacity (1) kW 22 22
C.O.P (1) W/W 4.62 4.65
Heating Capacity Min./Max.(1) kW 10.12 / 22 10.12 / 22
Heating Power Input Min./Max.(1) W 1752 / 4762 1741 / 4731
C.O.P Min./Max. (1) W/W 4.62 / 5.78 4.65 / 5.81
Max. Heating Capacity (2) kW 21.1 21.1
C.O.P (2) W/W 3.70 3.60
Heating Capacity Min./Max.(2) kW 9.72 / 21.12 9.72 / 21.12
Heating power input Min./Max.(2) W 2214 / 5714 2199 / 5677
C.O.P Min./Max. (2) W/W 3.70 / 4.39 3.72 / 4.42
Max. Cooling Capacity (3) kW 20.1 20.1
E.E.R (3) W/W 3.59 3.50
Cooling Capacity Min./Max.(3) kW 9.23 / 20.06 9.23 / 20.06
Cooling Power Input Min./Max.(3) W 2146 / 6540 2132 / 6498
E.E.R Min./Max. (3) W/W 3.07 / 4.30 3.09 / 4.33
Max. Cooling Capacity (4) kW 15.8 15.8
E.E.R (4) W/W 2.69 2.62
Cooling Capacity Min./Max.(4) kW 7.29 / 15.84 7.29 / 15.84
Cooling Power Input Min./Max.(4) W 1925 / 6075 1913 / 6036
E.E.R Min./Max. (4) W/W 2.61 / 3.79 2.62 / 3.81
Rated Current  A 22.8 10.0
Max Current A 33.04 14.48
Compressor Type - Quantity/System
Twin Rotary - 1 Twin Rotary - 1
Fan Quantity
2 2
Airflow m3/h 5500 5500
Rated power W 210 210
Water Side Heat Exchanger Type
Plate Heat Exchanger Plate Heat Exchanger
Water Pressure Drop kPa 25 25
Piping Connection Inch G1" G1"
Allowable Water Flow Min./Rated./Max. L/S 0.66 1.05 1.75 0.66 1.05 1.75
Noise Level
dB(A) 62 62
Net Dimension(L×D×H) mm 1100*475*1355 1100*475*1355
Net Weight Kg 124 124
Note:  (1) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 30℃/35℃, Ambient temperature: DB 7℃/WB 6℃;
         (2) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 40℃/45℃, Ambient temperature: DB 7℃/WB 6℃;
         (3) Cooling condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 23/18, Ambient temperature: DB35/WB24;
         (4) Cooling condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 12/7, Ambient temperature: DB35/WB24.


Lower GWP


The new refrigerant gas R32 helps our DC inverter heat pumps operate more cleanly and effectively, which has less harmful effects on the atmosphere with lower carbon emissions and zero ozone depleting potential.

Lower GWP of R32 Heat Pump


increased efficiency of sprsun R32 heat pump


With maximum COP 5.95, our ERP A+++ R32 EVI DC inverter heat pumps charge and recirculate more efficiently than DC inverter heat pumps of other refrigerants. They consume less energy, and can therefore help families reduce energy bills.

High COP R32 DC Inverter Heat Pump


SPRSUN R32 heat pump smart technology


The CAREL controller is able to record temperatures unaided using sensors that record the surrounding conditions. With the WIFI online monitoring, customers will enjoy contactless support from our customer service center no matter where they are. Our R32 EVI DC inverter heat pumps are also featured with more intelligent protections.

R32 Smart Control DC Inverter Heat Pump


Super Low Noise


In addition to brushless DC inverter fans, SPRSUN R32 DC inverter heat pumps adopt reinforced sound reduction measures such as the dual shock absorption by Panasonic Compressor. The sound levels start as low as 42 dBA, making itself the quietest system in our DC inverter lineup.

R32 heat-pump-noise-chart




The refrigerant R32 is considered to be environment friendly, but improper handling and storage might lead to potential safety issues. All of this can be avoid by using SPRSUN R32 DC inverter heat pumps, since they are designed with anti-explosion measures to guarantee the safety.

heat pump safety


组 21


Technical Support


Our experienced engineering team provides good support for any questions concerning the products and installation before, during and after products are sold. 


Before Selling

  • Set up customers file and arrange professional sales engineers to introduce company products and services to customers in details.

  • If customers are interested in our products, we will send professional technicians to survey the installation environment.

  • Provide solutions according to different customers' requirements.


During Selling

  • Machine installed and tested by QA engineers.

  • Ensure all the products we provide are qualified and new. The working life of the main engine is 15 years.

  • Construct and install the heat pump according to national relevant policies strictly and ensure high quality delivery on time.

  • Test and debug the equipments strictly to ensure the safety and stability.

  • During the delivery, provide comprehensive and professional technical training on instructions and maintenance to customers.


After Selling

  • We promise to offer free consulting call in 7×24 hours mode to solve the problems found in practice. The number is 86-20-82181867.

  • Sprsun offers standard 24-month warranty. Customers can choose to extend the warranty to 5 years with a small amount of fee. Within the warranty period since the delivery date, if the product has any failure under normal usage, Sprsun will provide free assembly parts. 

  • After the expiration of the warranty period, we will continue to provide lifelong maintenance services, with just a small amount of charges.




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SPRSUN er en professionel varmepumpe producent grundlagt i 1999. Som en af de førende varmepumpe leverandører i Kina fremstiller SPRSUN flere forskellige typer varmepumper, herunder DC varme vekslere, luft til vand varmepumper og vandpumper til opvarmning af svømmebassin. De er produceret baseret på EN14511 standard med CCC, CE, CB, SAA, ROHS, TUV og ERP certifikater. Vi samarbejder også med førende virksomheder som Panasonic, CAREL, Grundfos, Copeland, Mitsubish og Sanyo for at sikre opgraderet produktkvalitet. Gennem årene har fremragende produkter baseret på førende teknologi og professionel service skaffet SPRSUN sit ry som en af de førende varmepumpe leverandører over hele verden.
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