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How to Maintain the Air to Water Heat Pump Floor Heating System After Cold Weather

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summer season coming around the corner. In most areas, the house heating system has already entered a "dormancy" period. In the coldest winter, these heating systems provide households with warmth and comfort. After you stop using it, remember to take care of the air to water heat pump floor heating system, so that it can better bring your family a warm winter in the next year!

air to water heat pump floor heating


Maintenance of the Floor Heating System

1. Check for Water Leaks

When the heating is not in use, water leakage may occur at the pipe interface or valve due to the temperature drop of the heating equipment.

Note: in case of water leakage, contact the after-sales professional for on-site maintenance.

2. Clean the Strainer Screen

Clean the strainer screen and filter. Check whether the filter screen is damaged or blocked by mistake. Note: if the filter screen is damaged, it must be replaced with a new one according to the specification and model. During the disassembly process, it should be careful to prevent sundries from entering the pipe.

3. Full Water Maintenance

After the heating is stopped, the original water shall be discharged first. Then the water pipe shall be cleaned again, and the air in the pipe shall be discharged. The water shall be kept in the pipe until the next heating season.


4. Pipeline Cleaning

If the floor heating system is in a closed environment, the pipeline might be blocked by sludge, rust scale, bacteria and algae if it is not cleaned.

Note: normally floor heating pipes should be washed once a year.

Maintenance of Fan Coils

After the heating is out of use, clean the dust and bacteria on the fins and blades, so as not to affect the cooling effect of the fins, which might result in insufficient room temperature; the fan without cleaning for a long time may breed a variety of bacteria, causing human discomfort.

Note: fan coils should be cleaned once a year.


Outdoor Unit Cleaning & Shelter Protection

The cleaning and maintenance of the heat pump can guarantee the operation performance of the unit and extend its service life of the unit.

Note: when cleaning, remember to shut down the power.



The outdoor heat pump unit is easy to accumulate dust, which needs to be wiped and cleaned.

Note: do a good job of shielding protection for the outdoor unit.


Comprehensively check whether the pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, water pump, temperature controller and other parts work normally, and conduct trial operation of the system to ensure the normal use of the heat pump system, so as to ensure effective house heating when the winter season comes.


Importance of Pipe Cleaning

At the end of the heating or cooling season, draining and cleaning shall be carried out. In order to prevent the pipeline from rusting, after cleaning the pipeline, the softened water or antifreeze shall be refilled and reliable exhaust shall be done. When cleaning the pipeline and the application end, the unit shall be isolated and the application end of the unit shall be carried out separately. It is recommended that the unit shall be backwashed once a year.


In order to ensure efficient floor heating in the next cold winter, the maintenance of your air to water heat pump system cannot be ignored. Hurry up and test your heating equipment!

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